About Empower Computers

Empower computers, the leading UAE based branded showroom for all information technology and multimedia needs has been in operation since 2010. Within a short span of time, Empower computers has become the key IT accessory showroom for advanced gaming hardware, computer hardware, Mobile gadgets and software in UAE.
Our slogan "The IT trust of people" fits to the heart of the company and in its every action and services 'Empower computers' adheres to this catchphrase. The company is engaged to be up to dated with the latest technologies and innovations and strives to fast deliver these solutions to customers at cost-effective and competitive prices. Our product range covers all common items for today's IT lifestyle needs at the home, office and on the move like Gaming Computers, Gaming Laptops, desktops, ultrabooks, notebooks/netbooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Servers, laptop accessories, printers, scanners, projectors, Common office and security software, and other multimedia accessories.
The experience and service of past years have helped the company to maintain a successful and satisfactory client base ranging from the big international Corporate to Government organizations to Small and medium- sized enterprises and to individuals. Empower computers holistic approach from vender to the reseller to their end-users, enables the company and its partners to capitalize on all IT distribution opportunities in the whole region without diluting the high Level of specializations required to deploy products and services to complex technology markets.
Empower computers always keep customer requirements and satisfaction as the top priority and provides solutions catering to their requirements for today and for the future.