DXRacer Air Pro Gaming Chair Ultra-Breathable Mesh, Adjustable Armrests, Magnetic Lumbar Support, Memory Foam Headrest- White &Cyan | AIR-R1S-WQ.G-B4



  • ULTRA-BREATHABLE MESH: Air mesh is made of TPEE and Polyester, two eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Not only is high elastic mesh lightweight and breathable, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture, but it also provides the best elastic support for the entire body.
  • HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM: The headrest is made of high-density memory foam with a skin-friendly surface fabric. It naturally fits your head and conforms to the curve of your neck, ensuring that your neck is properly supported and comfortable.
  • MAGNETIC LUMBAR SUPPORT: Made with slow rebound memory foam, the lumbar support is fixed by magnet suction. Large size lumbar support helps alleviate stress on the intervertebral discs and provides all-around support for the lumbar spine, allowing the spine to keep its natural S-curve.
  • PATRNTED SUSPENSION SPRINGS: Tested 100,000 times (A sandbag with a diameter of 406 mm and a weight of 57 kg was dropped on the chair’s surface from a height of 36 mm), our patented suspension spring structure creates lightweight, responsive cushioning and ensures long-lasting stability and sturdiness. This provides zero-gravity sitting experience for users
  • MODULAR DESIGN: You can add modular parts, such as a cup holder, multi-functional stand for laptops, pull-out footrest, leather chair cover, etc., to experience a higher level of gaming experience and effectively build up a variety of themed scenes.


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