Govee DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light - Full Kit

Step into a lighting experience of the future with our powerful G1 Pro. With four specialized game-match modes, plus a cutting-edge gaming profile and industry-leading luminous design, Govee G1 Pro will make your gameplay feel more epic, no matter if you are a casual gamer or a professional esports player.
  • Game-Match Technology: 4 game modes to match your screen in real-time without frame rate drops.
  • Pro-Level Immersive Gaming: Rounded neon light and two light bars create double the immersion.
  • Cutting-Edge Game Design: Transform your battle station with more than just lighting effects.
  • Dynamic Audio Visualizer: Lights move seamlessly with speaker audio and sounds from headphones.
  • Ultimate App Control: Create your dream setup with countless customization on Govee Home App.


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  • Game-Match Technology: Professional level gaming lighting that makes your game more epic. With 4 specialized game modes (FPS, RPG, MOBA, Racing), gaming light reflects color elements on the screen in real time without reducing frame rate.
  • Professional Level Immersive Games: The Govee RGBIC monitor backlight kit contains 1 neon LED strip and 2 light bars with curvilinear design to double the RGBIC lighting effects, will surround you with crisp lighting that will let you enter the world of gaming.
  • Vanguard Gaming Design: Inspired by futuristic elements, our PC gaming light kit is designed to turn your combat station to the next level. In addition, the all-in-one hub+camera makes laying multiple cables a thing of the past.
  • Dynamic Audio Viewer: Enjoy a visual show that reacts with the sounds of your games or videos. Rhythm light not only moves seamlessly with speaker audio, but are able to pick up sounds from headphones (3.5mm) to increase immersive effects.
  • App Control: Create your dream setup with countless customization options on the Govee Home App, including the DreamView feature to match the Govee lights and react with light games. An in-app tutorial is also available to complete the installation in half tBack Panel Compatibility: To ensure an immersive experience, the neon led strip light must be applied to the display with a flat back panel (the raised steps affect the installation of the mounting clips).


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