HUEPAD NEBULA SERIES, Premium Mousepads, HYDRAGLIDE™ Fabric Gaming Mouse pad, XL Desk Pad with Carry Case Tube (XL: 90x40cm, DUMBELL NEBULA, COLD)

XL: 90x40cm
Colour COLD
Special features Non slip
Material Rubber
Item dimensions LxWxH 90 x 40 centimeters



About this item

  • PERFORMANCE x ART: Originally Designed For Gamers & Creators
  • HYDRAGLIDE FABRIC: HYDRAGLIDE fabric is a super-high-density material, an advanced composite of ultra-fine fibers engineered for optimal control, precision and accuracy. The HYDRAGLIDE fabric surface has a super smooth glide surface and has the perfect balance of speed, comfort and control.
  • BUILT TO LAST: High-quality materials & manufacturing process makes the HUEPAD extremely durable and long lasting. The high-density surface of the HUEAPD also improves the quality & clarity of the Hue on the mousepad.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE: The anti-slip rubber base provides great stability for both the keyboard and mouse. It keeps the mousepad in place to maintain smooth mouse movement across the surface while making rapid mouse movements possible without any disturbances.
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE: The HUEPAD features a Performance-tuned surface that provides precise accuracy for users & optimizes mouse tracking for both optical and laser sensors.
  • CARRY CASE PACKAGING: With the environment kept in mind, the HUEPAD packaging is designed to be versatile and can be reused as a carry case or a storage case for your HUEPAD or any other suitable product.
  • 3MM Thickness Premium Gaming Mousepad & Desk pad


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